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Tuzla Garden Hotel&Spa Hayatın İçinde "In Life"
Tuzla Garden Hotel&Spa Hayatın İçinde "In Life"


We, KRB Tourism Construction Industry and Trade Inc.(La Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa), we value the protection of your personal data, so we expect you to show the same sensitivity. For this reason, it is very important for us to read this text detailing what personal data we use for what purpose and to show that you clearly understand the obligations of Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa, who are responsible for their administrative and technical security as “Data Responsible”.

                Why am I reading this text?

People whose personal data is processed are informed by the “Data Supervisor” who use this data under the law article 10th of Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 which effectuated in 7 april 2016.

            Why is my personal data used?

As Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa, we process your personal data for;

  • Conducting our communication activities with you, (for example, We process your personal data to contact you to inform you of your transactions and to obtain your consent)
  • Receiving your accommodation request, establishment of accommodation contract and realization of your accommodation, (for example, We process your personal data in order to register your reservation request, confirm it when necessary and ensure your stay)
  • Payment and billing for your reservation, (for example, After confirming your reservation, we process this data to ensure your stay by keeping records of your payment)
  • Monitoring and billing processes for the services you use, (forexample, We process your personal data for daily invoicing by monitoring your use of our minibar or dry cleaning services)
  • Realization of our legal obligations (for example, Within the scope of “Identity Reporting” legislation; In case of your stay, we have to keep your identity information, arrival and departure records on a daily basis and submit them to the authorized public institutions)

in order to achieve its objectives, and we never use your personal data for any other purpose.


           What are my personal data used?

For the purposes indicated above, we use your personal data below



Data Category




Name and surname, Turkish Republic Identification Number, signature, name/surname/age and affinity of your spouse and children under 15 years of age, your nationality and passport number if you are a foreign national


Your mobile number, e-mail address


Payment and billing information, dry cleaning services and use of minibar, accommodation and room type requests


Check-in and check-out dates


Your room number


            Important Note: Our cameras are registered in Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa to ensure the security of our employees, our customers and the hotel. In-house access to camera systems is provided to limited personnel and security measures have been taken by Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa in order to ensure the confidentiality of the data. You can obtain the illumination text for your personal data processed through Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa camera recording system without consulting.

            Important Note: It is assumed that you have provided the necessary information to the people you will be staying with us that you share your personal data with us.



            How and for what reason is my personal data obtained?

As Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa, we collect your personal data with both digital and non-digital systems through;

  • Accommodation Certificate provided by the front desk and filled out at the time of booking,
  • Your identity document to confirm the accuracy of the information you have provided in the Accommodation Certificate,
  • Our records for the dry cleaning and minibar services you use,
  • Camera recording system

            Within the scope of your relationship with our company; We collect your personal data legally in order to to establish and implement the necessary contracts, to fulfill our legally valid interests provided that they do not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms, the ability to process your personal data on behalf of the establishment, use or protection of a right and to fulfill our legal obligations

            Important Note: We do not copy the identity document we requested to confirm the accuracy of the information you have provided in the Accommodation Certificate. Your identity card will be delivered to you after you have been compared with the Accommodation Certificate.

            Are my personal data transmitted to others?

Yes, we may have to pass on your personal data to official institutions, auditors and lawyers. However, we transfer only for specific purposes and with your knowledge.

Therefore, your personal data can be transferred to;

  • Lawyers, auditors and tax consultants and other third parties with whom we receive consultancy and service in order to conduct our business processes in accordance with the law and legitimate interests, to exercise our right of defense in a possible judicial process,
  • In order to provide information to authorized institutions and organizations as our legal obligations; regulatory and supervisory bodies, official institutions such as courts and enforcement offices, and general law enforcement bodies authorized to request your personal data, and general law enforcement bodies authorized to request your personal data, Turkish Statistical Institute as other public institutions or organizations,
  • In order to fulfill your requests to your attorney or legal representatives, your attorney or representatives, if you wish,
  • online booking companies in order to complete your reservation and provide accommodation,
  • To our partner companies in order to make invoices for your reservation


            What rights does “Personal Data Protection Law” (PDPL) give me?

            In order to give you control over your personal data, the PDPL shall:

(a) determine whether your personal data has been processed;

(b) request information if it has been processed,

(c) find out the purpose of processing and whether it is used for its purpose;

(d) knowing any third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted, if any, domestically or abroad;

(e) request that your personal data be corrected if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed; (f) to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data.

You can find all of these rights and details in article 11 of PDPL.


            How do I use my rights?

            If you wish to exercise your rights, you may submit your requests to us in writing (for example by means of a strike or registered letter of return) or by registered electronic mail (REM) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or by using the email address you have previously provided to us and registered in our system.



            Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy.). Prepared by Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa (hereafter referred to as the Tuzla Garden.) And provided to you at www.tuzlagarden.com (hereafter referred to as the Portal.) is an integral part of the text. Tuzla Garden has prepared this Policy to explain which cookies are used in the Portal.

            WHAT IS COOKIE?

            Cookies are small information stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. It is often used to give you a personalized experience during your use of the website you visit, improve the services offered and improve your experience, and can contribute to ease of use while browsing a website.


            Cookies are subject to various distinctions based on their useful life, intended use and the owner of the cookie or the party placing the cookie.


  • Session Cookie: Cookies created during your visit to a website and used during your visit until the browser window is closed. The purpose of such cookies is to ensure the continuity and security of your visit.
  • Persistent Cookies: Generated on the first visit to a website, depending on its lifetime and / or remain on your hard drive until you delete it. The purpose of such cookies is to improve site functionality by offering visitors a faster and better service.

For example, remembering visitor preferences and determining the content to be transmitted in accordance with these preferences.


  • Requisite / Technical Cookies: Requisite cookies for the proper functioning of the website you visit. The purpose of such cookies is to provide the necessary service through the operation of the site. For example, it allows access to secure parts of the website, the ability to use its features, and the ability to navigate.

Our site uses such cookies.

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For example, they show the number of error messages shown or the most visited pages.

Our site uses such cookies.

  • Functional / Functional Cookies: Stores the choices made by the visitor and remembers them on the next visit. The purpose of such cookies is to provide ease of use to visitors.
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Our site uses such cookies.


  • First Party Cookies: These are cookies that are defined by the visitor website and can only be read by this site.
  • Third Party Cookies: Cookies that are defined by organizations other than the website of the visitor and that provide reporting to the site about the service it is defined.


      The cookies we use on the portal are requisite / technical and performance cookies. They do not contain personal data about you, such as name, gender or address, and cannot identify you personally. Information about the cookies we use, their purpose and duration are presented in the table below.


Cookie Name  

Purpose of Cookie

DoubleClick Ad     

 It is a type of cookie used to determine the number of visitors and distribution of the Portal he region, the links that allow visitors to come to  the Portal, the time spent in the Portal and the tabs they are interested in. This is third party cookie.


It is a communication cookie used to communicate with our visitors using the Portal and provide instant feedback. This is third party cookie.




      The next time you try to visit the Portal with the same device, your browser checks if your device has a cookie registered to the Portal. If it finds a record, it transmits the data in the record to the Portal so that the Portal will know that you have visited before. In this way, the Portal determines the content to be communicated to you.

      The cookies we use;

  • It is requisite for the portal interface and features to be used as desired
  • Allows you to accelerate your activities during future visits
  • It helps us understand how the portal is used by visitors, helping us to aggregate and develop content based on statistical data
  • It is used to communicate with you faster
  • It does not harm your computer and does not contain viruses


      Just change your browser settings to change your preferences for using cookies, or to block or delete cookies. Many browsers give you the option to accept or decline cookies, accept only certain types of cookies, or be alerted by the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device so you can control cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser. However, if you disable or decline cookies, you may need to set some preferences manually, and some features and services on the Portal may not work properly because we cannot recognize and associate your account(s). You can change your browser settings by clicking the relevant link in the table below.


Google Chrome


Internet Explorer








Microsoft Edge


      Visit www.allaboutcookies.org or www.aboutcookies.org to learn more about cookies, including how cookies are placed, how to view them, and how to manage and delete them. You can use the ‘Contact’ tab to send us all your policy questions and comments.

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