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Tuzla Garden Hotel&Spa Hayatın İçinde "In Life"
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Tuzla Garden Hotel&Spa Hayatın İçinde "In Life"
Tuzla Garden Hotel&Spa Hayatın İçinde "In Life"

An Enchanting Pleasure

in Life

The sea-scented streets of Tuzla blow your mind. You feel elevated with the scent of Marmara Sea and seaweed while walking along the fascinating coastline of Tuzla. After a pleasant city walk, Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa Istanbul is waiting you.


As always, a warm and caring service greets you. The feeling of hospitality that surrounds you continues after you open the door of your room, too. Located in Tuzla, the business and entertainment center, Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa Istanbul has a breathtaking view of the Marmara Sea. As you go out to its private landscaped garden, the Turkish Coffee you will drink in this relaxing atmosphere and deep green colors leaves a smile and peace in you. 


After your rest, you go out to see the places nearby. Located on the coastline within a short walking distance, fish restaurants, local cafes, walking and cycling paths fascinate you. In the afternoon, modern and luxury restaurants, boutiques, aquarium and entertainment center welcome you at Viaport Marina.


A perfect and relaxing end to such an unforgettable day. When you return to the hotel, you pass to Zeosspa. The soothing hands of experienced therapists provide a feeling of deep relaxation in your body.


Another pleasure you deserve follows this massage: Traditional Turkish Bath. A breeze of steam embraces you as you lie on your back and sigh in the comforting warmth. While you are thinking about your future adventures, for now, you are content to be in this serenity.

This is Tuzla Garden Hotel & Spa, Istanbul.

TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism Certified Private Accommodation Facility

+90 (216) 446 00 13 – 14

+90 (216) 446 00 16


Cami Mahallesi Galipağa Sokak No: 22 Tuzla – İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE

Entrance / Checkout
Entrance: 14:00
Checkout: 12:00

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