What is a SPA
the word spa is Turkish ‘Health from water’, ‘water health’ means. This method is aimed at the rest of the human body by therapy and to benefit from the healing effects of water pouring, spraying, dripping, and formats such as duslama is being used. However, today SPA, in fact, made by the water therapy makes more sense than. Various centers and frequently encountered in our Hotel Spa Resorts, Spa cures as well as beauty and care, massage therapy, aroma therapy, too.

Unknown Benefits of SPA
A good SPA enjoyment after a busy and exhausting week, will be very good for your body and soul. There are, of course, many unknown benefits of SPA in addition to helping get rid of fatigue. Tuzla Garden Hotel's SPA and hamam will be a great option for you to take a perfect break in your busy life. The SPA has many benefits, both in terms of human body and soul. SPA treatments will help your soul refreshing with relaxing effect of ambient atmosphere and your body with aroma therapies and massage techniques.

There are many types of massage available at the SPA. These can be applied according to the need of your body or to your personal preference. It is possible to have a good care for skin by eliminating dead skins in the body with aroma therapy oils and salt varieties used in massages. Citrus aromas in massage oils speed up blood circulation and improve body fitness. Besides helping to roughen the skin, the SPA helps to burn fat in the body. It is used to treat sleep disorders by resting the body. With the effect of massage oils, muscles soften and help reduce joint pain. Even before joint pain is created, prevention massage treatments are more effective. Massage therapies also provide an important effect in the reduction of rheumatic diseases.

he Tuzla Garden Hotel has many massage options under SPA service range carried out by specialist masseurs. Take a little break to listen to your body by choosing one of the massage therapies that is diversified according to different requirements. Many options such as Bali massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, athlete massage or anti-stress massage are available at Tuzla Garden Hotel & SPA. Balinese massage is performed by stretching methods based on the flow of energy in the body and has a refreshing, empowering effect on the body. Swedish massage; Swedish massage, performed according to the direction of blood heart flow, novels your body from head to toe by appealing to different muscle groups.

Shiatsu massage is a powerful massage technique that makes use of acupressure technique Shiatsu. It is ideal for activating the energy flow throughout the body. This type of massage, which is believed to be good for various diseases, is also known to be beneficial to organ functions.

Sportsman massage is a Swedish massage technique that is performed for improvement and rehabilitation purposes for athletes. It has pre-sport performance enhancer and post-sport relaxing effect. Anti-stress massage; applied with aromatic oils, focuses on head and shoulder area. Anti-stress massage, which has a relaxing effect on muscles, is preferred by people who are exposed to stress and intense work tempo.

Foot reflexology activates the basic points of the foot that connect with other parts of the body. Foot reflexology, common in Southeast Asia, balances energy and at the same time as revitalizes the body. Tuzla Garden Hotel & SPA offers an experience in ZeosSPA where you can enjoy a private massage and a traditional Turkish hamam in addition to the skincare packages created specifically for both men and women and sauna where you can relax with the smell of hot water and specially selected soaps that adds value to time you spent here.

Tuzla Garden Hotel & SPA welcomes guests who are not staying at the hotel with the same care. ZEOSSPA is waiting for you to for relaxing moments.